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Climbing: For climbing, position your seat for maximum efficiency while pedaling. With your foot at the bottom of the pedal stroke, you should see a slight bend in the leg, reaching about 80-90 percent of full leg extension. This helps you pedal efficiently and powerfully using your major leg muscles. Descending: When it’s time to descend, drop your seat about 2 or 3 inches from the height you set it at for climbing hills. Lowering your seat lowers your center of gravity, which gives you better control and more confidence through steep descents. You may need to experiment with different seat heights to find what feels best.Braking seems simple: you squeeze the levers and the bike slows down. That is the gist of it, but learning more about how to brake goes a long way in making you more comfortable and secure on the bike.After many years of fiddling, Scott has finally managed to deliver a high-quality bike for budget consumers. The Voltage YZ delivers superior performances from low-cost materials such as a sturdy, metal alloy frame. It is a jump-bike replica suited for BMX-style hopping across the woods. The fork delivers 100mm of travel suspension. It pains my behind to just think about this, but on October 11, 2015 Adrian Ellul rode over a 1000 Kilometers in 48 hours. Can you image pedaling over 624 miles in 48 hours? An amazing feat of endurance. Not even calculating in breaks, that’s an average of over 13 miles an hour. On my local single track a 13 mph average would be fast. In 1981 Mike Sinyard started a little bike company called Specialized. The goal was to "make a bike on a production basis but as though it was a custom bike." Called the STUMPJUMPER it was a steel framed bike based on those MTB pioneers Tom Richey, Gary Fisher and Charles Kelly. Amazingly the Stumpjumper is still sold and the MTB I’m building for my daughter is a Stumpjumper. What I find truly amazing is that I own a 1937 Schwinn that has been restored by a museum curator I park it next to a Gary Fisher MTB, and as an added bonus I’m building a Stumpjumper for my daughter.
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