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Mountain biking is often done on trails or roads shared with other users, such as hikers and horses. Always be a courteous and responsible rider and be in control of your bike. Ride only on trails open to mountain bike use. Here are some of the most important rules: Always yield right-of-way to cyclists traveling uphill (in singletrack, stop completely and lift the bike out of the trail). Slow down when approaching hikers or horses and give them a wide berth. A good approach to dealing with horses is to take direction from the horseback rider. Whilst the number of mountain bike accessories on offer can be overwhelming, never fear, with insight from Ash Swann of Yarra Valley Cycles from Lillydale (Victoria), we’ll cut the wheat from the chaff and detail our picks of the best mountain bike accessories to get you started. Looking to join the world of mountain biking and confused by what gear you need? Or have you just purchased your first mountain bike and are looking for advice on how to get the most out of your new found hobby? Let other trail users know you’re coming — give a friendly greeting Mountain Biking is more popular than road cycling by a huge margin. It’s great to see that over the 5 years detailed both road and mountain biking has stayed pretty constant in terms of interest. Finally it’s interesting that a single event like the Olympics can focus attention to pedaling. That spike denotes the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, in my opinion every additional moment that folks can pedal is a good thing. Sure, road cyclists pedal on some pretty picturesque, quiet roads. But here’s a surefire way to kill your buzz when your mind is wandering at mile-30 on said picturesque, quiet road: a Mac truck whizzing by or an obnoxious driver laying on the horn. MTBers can spend an entire ride not seeing another human being, let alone a vehicle — and the resulting peacefulness can’t be beat.
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