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Braking should be consistent and controlled. Most of your braking power comes from your front brake, but grabbing a handful of front brake will send you over the bars. Instead, lightly apply the brakes, and do so evenly on the front and back brakes. Avoid sudden, fast squeezes to help prevent skidding. Choosing a Scott mountain bike that fulfills your needs is never easy. The company offers more than 150 different options on the same series. You will find some features like the frame that are so similar between models that it is hard to differentiate the products. While braking, brace yourself by moving your hips back, dropping your heels down and keeping a slight bend in your knees and elbows. This body position helps you stay in control and from getting too far forward on the bike. The Contessa Scale is a line of Scott mountain bikes built entirely for women. The 710 features an aluminum alloy frame and 100mm fork travel suspension. It is a high-performance bike built with more experienced riders in mind. The frame has been designed to give the rider an upright position, which is particularly useful when cycling uphill If your mountain bike has disc brakes, keep the index finger of each hand on the brake levers and your other three fingers on the handlebar grips. This gives you sufficient braking power and control while riding. If you have rim brakes, try two fingers on the brake levers since they typically require more force to engage the brakes.What I found was an incredible 3-day mountain bike trip in Nepal down the longest ride-able trail on earth. Starting at 17,700 ft elevation you descend for THREE DAYS. Image not pedaling for days as you navigate down the 7th highest peak in the world into the deepest gorge in the world. I was a little intimidated when I read that the first 10 km was considered a no fall zone. Meaning a crash would mean a long fall over a cliff. Experts guide you, while you ride top of the line full suspension freeride mountain bikes. Travel to the mountain top is by either vehicle or helicopter depending on your budget. If this kind of trip is for you it is exclusively offered by Lost Earth Adventures (link to Lost Earth Website).
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