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Hello, welcome to Steeler Nation. Here on this website is lots of information on the Steelers from the Top Players to Watch, News, Depth Chart, Highlights, and Schedule. Here the Steeler fans can come and find what they need to know about the upcoming weeks like the depth chart or if anyones been signed or released or if someones moved up in the depth charts. You can also check up on the news on stuff like the Le'Veon Bell situation or how the new starter James Connor is doing. I also will be including stuff on the rookies and how they are doing under the Players to watch section or the new guys brought in recently. I will also talk about the rookies that are still on the team and that can make a huge impact this year. I have been a Steeler fan for a while and just like all of you want them to win the Super Bowl. Recently you may have heard that the O-Line is a mess right now, Decastro with an injury, pulling other guys to play (B.J. Finney is fine in my opinion) that aren't ready to be playing on the O-Line as starters and all that stuff. Since everything with AB is fine recently there have been rumors about Le'Veon Bell maybe being traded to the Jets. You can look at this in the News Section. You can also look in the news section for the predicted inactives list for this upcoming game on 9/24.

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