Setting a Volleyball

The Basics of Setting

There are many different techniques to setting a volleyball. What's most important is developing a consistent setting style. When you hand set, you want to train your hands to contact the ball the same way every time. When first learning setting position, to start, make a triangle with your fingers. Your goal should be to position your hands so that the volleyball would hit you right between the eyes if you were to let the ball go through your hands.

Hand Positioning and Technique

  1. Bring your hands together
  2. Put your hands together with your finger tips touching.
  3. Open up your hands, forming a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs.
  4. Bring your fingers apart to a distance that would be perfect for placing a ball.
This is the position you want to get your hands in just before you contact the ball setting.

Setting Tips

The ball spinning after you set is a good indication you aren't contacting the ball cleanly. Watch your sets and see whether they spin or not. Get in the habit of setting without putting spin on the ball and you will likely never be called for a double contact. Typically, volleyball setters that set the ball much slower will tend to contact the ball with more fingers on the ball. This extra prolonged contact allows for greater control for more accurate setting placement. Also, with a longer contact, you can take more spin off the ball which can be good for avoiding double hit ball handling calls. On the other hand, the more fingers on the ball, possibly the greater chance of double contacting the ball. A shorter contact time also keeps you from being called for lifting the ball. Both a quick setting style and slow setting style have their advantages and disadvantages. It may be best to experiment with setting at different speeds and styles to see what you are most comfortable with.

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