Starting Volleyball

First you need to learn how you catch the ball in your fingers and forearms. The most important thing in volley ball is that you give correct and accurate pass to your team members, so that you can attack your opposition. You should learn to take the ball with your fingers and lift it in seconds with out any sound in the activity.. So basically you have to learn this outside the court by taking ball pass. once this is done, now you need a flexible body to play inside the court. you need to learn the feet movements that u have to take, to catch the ball, smash the ball (if you will be playing at the striker or minus position) All cannot happen in one month. but more than enough to make your hands familiar enough with the ball and be ready for the game inside the court. So find some coach and plan your time that you get enough training in it.

Apart from knowing the rules, to play volleyball two basic moves are important and u can easily master them. Underhand passing:- To practice this u need a ball and a wall. To know how to use your hand u can watch youtube videos. Pick a spot about 7-8 feet high on the wall and from 5-6 feet away from the wall try to hit that spot regularly using Underhand passing. Repeat this processing as many times as possible. It will improve you hand strength, accuracy and control over the ball. Hand setting:- To practice this again u need a ball and a wall. Again use youtube for hand position. Stand a hand away from the wall and throw the ball towards the ball and tackle the rebound with your fingers. After some time reduce the distance by some inches and speedup the process. it will help to improve your finger strength and accuracy.

One of the first things you learn in grade school volleyball is to call mine when you’re in position to take the volleyball. As you play in higher levels of volleyball, this becomes engrained, and you automatically call mine, even when it seems pretty obvious. For newer players, this instinct isn’t as natural. If the ball is coming to you, of course you’re going to get it! However, for some players, if they don’t hear someone calling “mine”, they may assume that the ball is still up for grabs – and someone needs to get it! Calling "mine" might seem silly, but after you’ve played in a few games, you’ll realize how common it actually is. So don’t be afraid to speak up and call for that ball!

Work on agility, flexibility and strength. Almost all of your volleyball skills start from your feet, stability, positioning and speed. IN order to avoid injuries and allow your body to endure the rigors of practice work on your flexibility. Strength well that is self explanatory, I hope. Once you have all of the above, then learn the basics, proper serve, proper passing and then you can join a team where the coach can teach you the rest. Good Luck.

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