Benefits of Volleyball

There are a ton of benefits to playing volleyball, both mental and physical! Everybody knows that exercising your body on a regular basis scientifically makes you a happier person. Why? Regular exercise helps you feel and look better physically. It can decrease your chances of developing health issues such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It's good for your heart, lungs, muscles and complexion! Regular exercise also reduces your odds of developing depression or anxiety. Taking up volleyball as a hobby and partaking in it regularly just might be all the exercise you need to keep you on track and looking fabulous! Let me wow you for a second here... Playing 30 minutes of moderate intensity beach volleyball can burn up to 355 calories, depending on your weight and exertion! That same intensity level on an elliptical machine will take you an hour or more to achieve that same amount of calorie burn. Not to mention, volleyball is way more fun than the elliptical machine! Burning calories and fat is one of the main components of losing or maintaining weight. Volleyball will definitely keep you where you want to be. Let's talk about toning. Everybody wants muscle definition, whether it be mild or extreme. I personally prefer it somewhere in the middle. Anyway, volleyball is a fantastic way to add a little toning and muscle definition to your workout. Volleyball works the arms, core and legs pretty intensely in any setting gym, beach or grass.

Your cardiovascular and respiratory systems will improve right along with your muscle tone and fitness level. Do I have you convinced to try it out yet? I'll keep going. Volleyball encourages teamwork and cooperating with a group of other people. They might be people you know, or perhaps you've never laid eyes on them before. Either way. You're growing your interpersonal skills. Look at you! That type of networking carries over into other aspects of your life. Perhaps you'll notice that you're having a better and easier time working on group projects at work. If you want to increase your aerobic ability and boost your mood, volleyball can do both of those things as well. Add agility, speed and balance to the benefit list too! You're never too old to improve your hand-eye coordination. Apparently, volleyball can do everything except your laundry. It is a true friend to the physically active hobby seeker.

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