3DR is an American company headquartered in Berkeley, California[1] that makes enterprise drone software for construction, engineering and mining firms, along with government agencies.


Prior to 2016, the company designed and marketed commercial and recreational unmanned aerial vehicles. Specifically, produced consumer drones, ready-to-fly quadcopters for aerial photography and mapping, and fixed wing UAVs based on the Ardupilot platform. As of September, 2016, 3DR and the major open source Ardupilot development community separated due to disagreements over the license of the open source code which 3DR products are based upon.

The company was co-founded as 3D Robotics in 2009 by author and entrepreneur, Chris Anderson, and Mexican engineer Jordi Muñoz. The pair met online through the DIY Drones community, which was originally started by Anderson for aerial vehicle enthusiasts. Muñoz, at the time a 20-year-old Mexican immigrant who had just arrived in the United States, was waiting for a green card, so he passed time by building a drone prototype in his garage out of a video gaming console's remote controls. When Anderson read the online updates and was impressed by the prototype's designs, he sent a $500 check to Muñoz and began to collaborate with him.


3DR currently employs approx. 70 people, with headquarters in Berkeley and an office in Tijuana, Mexico. 3DR is one of the founding members of Dronecode.