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The PAA class of 2021.  Mamoru A.  »  Conner B.  »   Lily  C.   »   Spencer G.  »  Juliana H. »  Joshua K  »   Amanda K. »   Andrew K.  »   »   Drew L.  »  Garret M.  »   Braden N.  »  Jasmine O.  »  William R.  »    Aaron Roach  »    Eli R.  »    Sam S.  »    Mahalia S.  »    Morgan W.  »    Stacy  W.  »    Frank Z.

Class of 2020  |  Class of 2021

The Freshmen Class !!!

We might be noisy, annoying, wild, moist, and crazy. That is the way we like it. We are the talented future of society. We like food, food, and fun. If you ask us what we wish were doing it is probably taking a nap.

We sleep, eat, we talk a lot, we sleep again, then we blame it on Sam’s friend Octet. If you need someone to laugh at or with find Andrew he is super funny. If you want a fun time find Drew and Sam  and fun will follow. If you want spiritual enrichment find William Bill Rios our holy pastor sent from God to enlighten us.  If you need help on science call Eli the science guy @ ballerswag@gmail.com. Braden is our illustrious president that is a perfect role model in for everything but behavior and spelling .  Aaron is here to be comical relief if things get too tough . Joshua is our cool cat from across the street. Garret is of hype beast person that does photography . Our student officers are the idea role model in certain areas. Braden is fun and cool. Stacy is cool and chill. William is a very kind and understanding pastor. Amanda overall is the
most ideal behaved of the student officers by a long shot. Spencer is an ok human person in life. Our life is on another level. Our sanity teacher Mr. Cha  is very patient with us be cause we are very annoying. Sam some times is very laud but Mr. Cha shuts him down real quick. Lily is the overall most behaved student in the class. Andrew is a very unique character that does things that no one approves of but he does it anyway. Eli is that one guy that says the facts but everyone doesn’t listen until it is too late. Mamorou is that one kid that opposes every thing. Overall our class our class is weird and that is the way we like it.  
Hasta la vista Boiz