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Effects of Colors in Art

Cool colors:

  • Based on blue undertones and bring to mind a calming effect.
  • These colors range from cold icy blues to warm and nurturing Mediterranean turquoises.
  • Many decorators use these colors in spas, bathrooms and other quiet environments.
  • Blues lower heart rate and reduces appetite.
  • Blue represents dependability.
  • It is commonly worn in uniforms and business suits.
  • Dark blue is generally used by more authoritative figures including police officers and our Presidents!
    • Blue and greens are used in advertising medicines and health care products.
  • Warm colors:

    • Based on yellow undertones and tend to convey emotions ranging from happiness to violence.
  • Red, orange and yellow colors trigger hunger.
  • This is why you see restaurants like McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King using these colors in
  • their logos and advertising.
  • Safeway, Walgreens and Costco all use red in their logos.
  • Red instantly attracts, makes people excited and increases the heart rate.

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