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On August 6, Big Hit Entertainment released a Most Beautiful Moment in Life note, part of a series of fictional notes pertaining to the concept of BTS' albums, starting with their 2015 EP The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1. The note, written by BTS member Jin, spoke about him finding a notebook written by his father in the story. The book discussed the father's failures. Three days later, on August 9, the trailer for the album, featuring a new song entitled "Epiphany", was released. The solo, described by Billboard's Tamar Herman as a "building pop-rock melody", was performed by Jin, and speaks about finding self-love. The song serves as one of the tracks for the album. The trailer was directed by Yong-seok Choi (Lumpens), and portrays multiple versions of Jin in a room, telling the story of a personal journey. Philip Merrill of the Recording Academy described the video as having a "sense of going backward and forward, through time and through different versions of one's self". Discussing Jin's performance of the video, Hong Hye-min of The Korea Times stated that it was well-acted and emotional, with Jin's "sorrowful, free voice stand[ing] out".

Promotional concept photos presenting four different themes were released on August 13 for the "S" and "E" versions, and August 16 for the "L" and "F" versions. Version "S" contained elements inspired by New Romanticism, with BTS in bright red boxes surrounded by cameras, eyes, hands, and amplifiers. Concept version "E" contained bright pastels, with BTS members in bubbles filled with fantastical nature elements. The second set of teasers, versions "L" and "F", were brighter, with BTS members wearing a mix of retro streetwear and formal blazers and suits. In addition, version "L" contained black-and-white images, collaged with the contrasting bright photographs. The official tracklist was released on August 20, revealing that it would be a compilation album containing songs from Love Yourself: Her and Love Yourself: Tear, with a total of twenty-five tracks. The tracklist also announced remixed versions of BTS' previous singles "DNA", "Mic Drop" and "Fake Love". On August 22, 2018, the teaser for "Idol" was released. On August 24, two hours before the release of Love Yourself: Answer, Big Hit Entertainment announced that an alternative version of "Idol" featuring Nicki Minaj will be included in the digital version of the album. Afterwards, the album was released, along with the music video for "Idol". A music video for the Nicki Minaj version of "Idol" was later released on September 6, 2018.