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Warriors Best

10. Mitch Richmond

Richmond was a member of the famous “Run TMC,” along with Chris Mullin and Tim Hardaway. Hardaway also earns honorable mention on this list for helping to comprise an era of Warriors basketball that was flashy and fun.

9. Kevin Durant

After Wilt Chamberlain, Durant is the most skilled player to don a Warriors uniform. He can score, defend, and offers great length. His ability to play multiple position has the Warriors primed for even more title runs. He doesn’t finish quite as highly as a few other Warriors, as he was not part of the core team that established a foundation with head coach Steve Kerr.

8. Klay Thompson

Thompson is the Ray Allen of the championship Warriors teams. He’s likely better than he’ll ever be given credit for, given how much talent is on the Golden State roster. That does not detract from his sharpshooting capabilities, where he is almost the equal of Curry.

7. Nate Thurmond

Nicknamed “Nate the Great,” Thurmond was a fan favorite and a seven-time All-Star. He spent 12 years with the Warriors, spanning San Francisco and Oakland. A dominant big man, Thurmond once grabbed 18 rebounds in one quarter. Thurmond helped lead the Warriors to the 1967 NBA Finals, where he and Barry would ultimately fall to Wilt Chamberlain and the Philadelphia 76ers.

6. Paul Arizin

Arizin was one of the pioneers of modern NBA basketball, and he spent 12 years with the organization. He was dubbed one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History, and he helped the franchise–while still in Philadelphia–win the 1956 title. Arizin was also a two-time scoring champion.

5. Chris Mullin

Mullin was a five-time All-Star with the Warriors–and a fan favorite. He was part of the 1992 Dream Team and has often been favorably compared to Larry Bird. Mullin brought the Warriors to prominence, although they never got over the championship hump. His No. 17 is retired by the organization.

4. Draymond Green

Green will never dominate any list in which stats are included, but he is often seen as the glue guy for this prolific Warriors team. A second-round pick out of Michigan State, Green is the prototypical blue-collar worker. He’s a Defensive Player of the Year and an underrated passer. His presence has helped the Warriors win two titles.

3. Wilt Chamberlain

Chamberlain will most likely go down as the best player to ever done a Warriors uniform. The franchise retired his No. 13 jersey, and his career ended with a laundry list of accomplishments and accolades. He was an MVP, rebounding champion, and scoring champion as a member of the Warriors.

2. Rick Barry

Barry led the Warriors to a 1975 championship, and he was the best player on that squad. He won Finals MVP for his efforts. Barry was also one of the league’s greats during that time period, as he led the NBA in scoring in 1967 and went to eight All-Star Games.

1. Stephen Curry

Curry has already put himself in rarefied air with two MVP Awards and two NBA championships. As far as titles go, there is no reason to think he’s going to slow down either. Curry has been the face of the franchise for the most prosperous era of Warriors basketball. He will also likely go down as the greatest pure shooter of all-time.
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