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The Marine Corps promises to advance your future by honing qualities of inner and outer strength, loyalty to country, leadership in the community, integrity and knowledge making you a Marine for life. As a member of the military, you are entitled to the Marine benefits bestowed on all men and women who serve our Nation in the United States Armed Forces. Marine careers ensure housing, insurance, salary and other benefits. However, nothing is as meaningful as retaining the respect earned by keeping this Nation safe and free as an Enlisted Marine or a Marine Officer. Contact Us to learn more details about Marine salaries, Marine benefits, Marine jobs and the Marine Corps pay scale.


Combat Infantry is at the heart of what Marines do. With a primary goal of seizing and controlling terrain, the job of Marine Corps Infantry Marines is to close on and defeat enemy combatants. As a Combat Infantry Marine, you’ll operate as part of a fire team, and hand-to-hand combat will be your specialty. As an Infantry Marine, you will be among the most highly trained and deadliest fighting force in the world. Marines serving in Infantry jobs are required to fight and defeat the enemy using small unit tactics across the full range of military operations. Scout Sniper Marines must use their training to deliver long range, precision fire during combat, and be able to target enemy leaders and other key personnel important to deny the enemy freedom of movement on the battlefield.

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