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Marines are trained and equipped to answer threats all over the world because our Nation has interests beyond the borders of the United States. The USMC functions as a unique force, combining ground, aviation and amphibious assets to defend our country and its interests. From joint training that reinforces our relationships with allied countries to antiterrorism missions to secure key ports, Marines are prepared to win, wherever the battle takes them. Swipe to see the stories of Marines in fights around the world.


The Marine Corps uses a flexible organizational structure that is specifically designed for swift deployment of forces by air, land or sea. The Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) provides our Nation with a variety of response options, coordinating teams of ground, air and logistics assets under a central command that is built to conduct a full range of operations. Because the MAGTF can be adapted, Marines are ready to fight battles around the world at a moment’s notice. Swipe through the cards below to view MAGTF variations.Marines are taught to assess a situation quickly so that they are able to make strategic decisions according to each individual moment. Thinking, acting and moving with a sense of purpose is necessary in order to be victorious in every battle. Watch how Marines make critical decisions at a moment’s notice.


Marines embody the the idea of Semper Fidelis, or “Always Faithful.” They know there may come a time when they are the first called upon to fight in defense of our nation and its interests. Marines are ready at a moment’s notice because they are trained, equipped and organized to respond with sound judgment and appropriate force. From combat engagement to humanitarian missions, Marines are our first responders—our Nation’s 911 force. Where there are battles, there are Marines. Eager to fight. Determined to win. In or out of uniform, it’s the incomparable fighting spirit found inside Marines like, Jake Harriman, Juan Vasquez, and Jon Gillis that drive them to victory. Watch as these three Marines share defining moments of service, that unveil moments of impact still felt to this day.

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