WebPlus x5 Unleashed
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In this tutorial we will be learning how to work with texts and graphics.We will be creating photo galleries,embedding Youtube® videos,setting page properties,margins and learning hoe to create page layouts.
We will also be learning how to use dynamic guides for more precise alignment of object on a page.
We will learn how to work with html text,creative text and artistic text.We will also learn how to use placeholder text and put text on a path.we will also learn how to use WebPlus X' 5 many text styling features.
Working with HTML Text
We will learn how to use WebPlus X' 5 image enhancing techniques,like adding picture frames,adding transparencies. We will also use WebPlus X’5 built-in logos and icon texts  
We will learn how to use designweb pages more professionally using dynamic guides, margins, page backgrounds, the use of vertical and horizontal lines to create section on the page
Working with Images
Working with page lay-outs
In this tutorial,we will also learn how to user WebPlus X' 5 full featured multimedia embedding ability to add video and sound in web pages.
Youtube  videos can be added to the page easily using a few mouse clicks
Youtube Videos