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Great Camping Spots in California
Right here in the Golden State of California, more than 70 years after The Camper’s Handbook was written by a Brit who traveled as a boy 1,200 miles across America’s prairie land by wagon in the 19th century, my family took camping road trips within and across California borders. With a family caravan of motorcycles instead of horses, and a big beige-and-brown RV instead of a wagon train, we traveled California’s roadways to beautiful government and privately run campgrounds for loads of memorable outdoor camping fun.
These days, choosing the best place to camp within California’s 18 national forests is like choosing just one flavor of ice cream at the ice cream parlor. California boasts thousands of campgrounds that range in landscapes from the sierras to the desert, and from the redwoods to the bluffs; with styles of camping that range from primitive camping basics to modern-day glamping. Here are a handful of my regional picks for the best places to camp, whether by foot, car, boat, motorcycle or RV.